Bob's Hiking & Backpacking Blog

Many of my best photos come from my travel adventures and a lot of these from various hiking and backpacking trips.

I am a Grand Canyon addict and my Grand Canyon Explorer web site is a tribute to this naturual wonder. When I used to have more vacation time I would go hiking and/or backpacking there two or three times each year but in more recent years I have had to cut that back to only one trip per year. My Grand Canyon Trip Reports page contains a complete list of all of the multi-day backpacking and most of the day hikes I have done in the Grand Canyon and is up to date of of the most recent trip in May 2012. As of this past trip I have logged over 1,900 miles hiking and backpacking in The Canyon and have spent 199 nights---over half a year of my life---camped below the rim.

I also enjoy hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire when I cannot get out to Arizona and the Grand Canyon and I maintain a list of my hiking adventures up there. With the day hike to Owl's Head in October, 2011 I have finally completed the list of White Mountain Four Thousand Footers. In January, 2012 I started doing them all over again as winter hikes (done betweeen the winter solstice and spring equinox) and to date I have completed 22 out of the 48.